Stable Genius @realDonaldTrump

  • Handcrafted 10 x 12-inch golden frame with 275 gsm cardstock print, beveled mat, and protective glass
  • Easy to hang or prop anywhere
  • Ships worldwide in 3-5 days

Having a framed tweet will completely change your life. Everyone will love you. Money will magically appear in your lap. You'll never wait in traffic again, and you can sleep in every day. Guaranteed, or your money back. 

Go on, roam the halls of the world's great museums and art galleries. You won't see anything like a Framed Tweet. It’s pop culture meets social media meets postmodern absurdism meets timeless beauty, and it's more Instagram-worthy than the world’s most colorful cupcake.

Hang a tweet on your wall and savor it like a fine wine. Hang one in your bathroom for some nice reading material. Put one in your office for a daily dose of inspiration. Or keep that special tweet in your bedroom and kiss it goodnight. It's amazing.

A picture may say 1000 words, but a tweet says 280 characters. And these days, who has time for more?