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10 Deleted Kanye West Tweets That Belong In A Fucking Museum

Source: BuzzFeed
In May of 2017, Kanye West abruptly deleted his Twitter account, erasing years of some of Twitter’s most golden, iconic, hilarious tweets.

Fortunately, we recovered and painstakingly restored these legendary Tweets to their former, high-resolution, vintage glory. Enjoy!

1. That time he needed a horse:

2. Kanye on water bottles:

3. That time he was extremely inspirational:

4. That time he got emotional over fonts:

5. Kanye on his favorite unit of measurement:

6. How he likes his salmon:

7. Kanye on elevators:

8. Kanye on Macbooks:

9. Kanye on Twitter:

10. #KanyeWestProblems:

11. And finally, some straight up wisdom:

12. By the way, we frame tweets.